Look 50

R13 High Rise Skinny Dirty Black Styling 3 1024x743 Look 50

r13 jeans//cwst shirt//adidas sneakers//civil hat//acne jacket

i am obsessed with these jeans. the wash, the fit, everything about it. r13 has worn black washes down packed and i just cannot get tired of them. they work perfect with the everyday black t shirt and this awesome matte black leather jacket by acne. the dream of acne leather jackets…well a leather moto jacket in general. surprisingly don’t have one and should add it soon

Look 49

R13 High Rise Skinny Dirty Black Styling 4 1024x707 Look 49

r13 jeans//etudes sweater//saint laurent creepers//ray-ban sunglasses//jansport backpack

i saw these creepers and my first thought was the days of high school. i never wore creepers, so i don’t know why that thought popped into my head. but everything else is pretty much similar to what i wore. i lived in sweater and worn in jeans and the forever classic jansport. with a sea of ‘fashion’ backpacks, a canvas jansport seemed like the smartest choice for a change and something that i have actually been wanted to add to my closet again


A GOLD E LOOKBOOK page15 1024x682 A GOLD E

i love my denim, probably more than the average person should. case in point being that i have over 50 pairs and most of them being practically the same, read: black. a gold e is a brand that really grabbed my attention after browsing through their lookbook. they just got me with the styling. the overall skate vibe is something that i will always be part of my aesthetic being that i grew up in a la and that it is everywhere you turn and a gold e was on point with capturing that. they are definitely a brand that should be nurtured with some attention. see the lookbook that stole my heart below and get their stuff here

Look 47

R13 High Rise Skinny Dirty Black Styling 3 1024x678 Look 47

r13 jeans//zanerobe t shirt//vans sneakers//ray-ban sunglasses//rodarte jacket

rodarte just killed it this season. i still can’t get over the jackets that they sent down, the perfect mix of the nautical/mermaid theme and utilitarian. so when i saw them hit the moda operandi site, i instantly put this look together. warning: there’s seven of them…so you will be seeing more and probably all with these jeans that i am still obsessed with