Levi's Fray Skinny Black Styling 4

custom levi’sjames perse t shirtadidas sneakerspeyote bird cuffhuf socks

the cropped game idea is still high here. of course when a style comes into fruition with black, i also have to do it in black and this is the brainchild of that. i didn’t want to go with the vans with this look and i have always loved campuses because, mostly their suede, but they are a cleaner take on the shell toes. the idea is similar to the previous with the peeps of the socks being visible and a tribal bracelet to take it from looking the average plain.the more i look at this outfit, the more i am actually contemplating on putting the campuses with more looks. hmm…ohh my addiction to frayed hems and sporty shoes


Levi's Skinny Fray White Graffiti Styling 3

custom levi’sjames perse t shirtvans sneakersyuketen bracelethuf socks

this look came about by the vision of seeing these jeans slightly cropped to show a bit of the socks. cropped jeans have also been an idea that i have always contemplated, but for me personally a frayed hem works better in this case as white leans towards preppy more than often for me. this dinges it up a bit and to me makes it more appropriate for what i go for


Levi's Skinny Fray White Graffiti Styling 2

custom levi’solebar shirtvans sneakersnorse projects capcartier bracelet

i have been meaning to do a look with a white button front and white jeans for quite some time. like the idea of pairing the black pair with creepers, it just needed the right pair of jeans to style them with and the frayed hem solved that. i wanted a look that was still easy, yet a bit more luxe and the cartier took up the feel up that slight notch that i was looking for


Levi's Fray Skinny Black Styling 1

custom levi’sjames perse t shirtunderground creepersnorse projects capstussy jacket

as my love for creepers grow deeper and deeper, it started to feel like time to take a break from ankle zips and back to frayed hems it is. it is probably one of the easiest details to diy as it is just chopping the jeans off at whichever length you want and it can be jagged and still look awesome. i of course started with the black levi’s that i love customizing and went over and did the white graffiti pair that will be next. but here is a look with the black. whether you chop them slightly above the ankle or leave a stack or two, creepers with a frayed hem will always be a good combo in my book


All Saint Arc Creepers 1

all saint arc creepers

i have been looking for the right pair of creepers for the longest and monk strap ones in particular. ones that don’t make me look/feel like i’m frankenstein or straight out of hot topic and i have figured out that it all has to do with the sole and the point of the toes. most have ribbed soles, which is classic, but can lead towards the teen angst territory very easily depending on the combination of colors. then there is toe. pointed toes just elevates the style so much

once i figured out the details i went searching. yes tuk and underground make some great options, but not as pointed as i would have like to compensate the ribbed soles. then i came across a pair of grey suede all saints one that were just heaven. everything from the cut, color and details of the soles were just right on point, but of course with my luck, they were seasons back. but they have just been re-released in a mushroomy taupe that is just as amazing. it is one of those shades that will work with everything

but it is not just the sole, cut and fabrications chosen, it is also the details. the choice to put the weaving along the rim is such a minor detail from the usual that is easily overlooked yet speaks so much volume. it gives them completeness, in my opinion, and makes them feel more modern and just makes them even more irresistible. i hope they keep these as a core style and even release them in a forest green, white and red…and also the grey again


424 x Levi's Ankle Zip Skinny

levi’s jeans

these skinny levi’s are the bet canvas for me. i am constantly going back to see how i can customize them more and more. this time i kept it simple with the usual distressing, but i added the armband by 424 as a patch. i have been wanting to do a pair of patched jeans for some time, but was just looking for the eight way to do it. keeping them simple like this is definitely in my alley. it also has me wanting to do it as well with the white pair. with that in mind…expect those to pop up soon. but with those, i think i might have the ‘424’ embroidered on the jeans