Levi's Custom 606 Ankle Zip White Graffiti

levi’s 501

i have always liked the idea of white jeans. they are fresh and crisp. but for me personally and being as clumsy as i am, it’ll never be clean and bright for long. so i decided to play with the idea of a dirty white wash with this pair here. they have the same tailored cut as the 606 that i did here and turned white. inverting the colors somehow lead to it having sort of a dusty grit to the wash that just made me more fond of them. then to play on the idea of the perfect, imperfect pair of white jeans, there is the distressing and a.d.d detailing*. i wanted the words to have weight but the text to be minimal, but i might end up adding more words as time goes by

now levi’s does have a pair of distressed 501s on the site that is very similar in wash, that you can turn into your blank canvas linked above

*a.d.d. detailing: (noun) drawing on clothing due to the lack of space on paper when not paying attention in class…me at least


REDONE Straight Skinny Ankle Zip Black Styling 2

custom levi’s vintage clothing 606 jeanshanes hoodievans sneakersstussy hatjohn elliott t shirt

i always loved the combination of black and green together. there is something about the two together that just flows, but for here i didn’t want to go for the usual surplus jacket and opted just for a simple green hoodie. i swear hoodies are everything to me. they just make any look better. then for added contrast, i went for a pair of stark white vans…actually mostly because i have been wanting a pair of white sk8-his lately which is why i used them here


REDONE Straight Skinny Ankle Zip Black Styling 1

re/done jeanssaint laurent shirtvans sneakersneff beaniebilly la t shirt

now to take on the black pair of re/done jeans that i redid. this look here was something that i pretty much wore throughout my whole senior year. i had a blue flannel that i lived in cause it was seriously the perfect blue and it was pretty much just like this one in terms of pattern. mine is just less of a sunbleached tone to it. i still wear today and it looks like they work just as well with these re/done jeans which are very similar to the ones that i actually wore around that time. ohh…the reminiscing


REDONE Straight Skinny Ankle Zip Black

re/done|levi’s slim tapered jeans

and i have found the perfect black pair by re/done. unlike the other vintage styles by levi’s that i did, i kept true to the 5-pocket and just added some length to the jeans. i did darken them a bit from their original state, but for the most part they are true to the style in terms of distressing and details. ohh…added my signature of ankle zips of course. now to style the hell out of these


REDONE Slim Tapered

re/done|levi’s slim tapered jeans

re/done is known for taking vintage styles, levi’s specifically, and tailoring them into modern fits that everyone is just clamoring over. i was inspired by them for the last digital dreaming and took on a pair of vintage 606 levi’s, but now i wanted to take on one of their actual jeans. as they have blues in abundance, there was no doubt that i wanted to work with those. plus it gave me a a little challenge as blue doesn’t hide details like black. but i might dabble in a pair of their blacks soon. just looking for the perfect one

these of course aren’t an actual style of theirs, but one of the slim tapered style from the new men’s line reimagined. i of course took the tailoring a it further and turned them into a skinny fit of today, probably skinnier than their straight skinny for women. then added some length to them like i usually do because of the ankle zipper. no point of a ankle zipper if it is short. i also turned it into a 4-pocket style. this is an aesthetic that i am really a fan of at the moment. it’s such a minor detail, yet it just changes the whole feel completely

as re/done is about taking the old and making them fresh again, i can definitely see them doing a style like this further down the line for women and i will be the first in line to get my pair


Levi's Vintage Clothing 606 Ankle Zip

levi’s vintage clothing 606 jeans

with labels like re/done, vetements and off/white taking vintage styles from levi’s and repurposing them all with their personal touches, it inspired me to do the same. i mean i completely redid the 606 fit with my personal spin

first i looked for that perfect vintage black wash. always a good starting point and which is why it took me a bit to do this post, but i finally found a pair from the 1960s. as the 606 is a straight-leg, i tapered them and turned them into a skinny with some magic of whiting out certain spots. then i took out the coin pocket. this is something that, i find, gives a new feel to the look. plus the coin pocket is useless anyway. there really is no point to them other than aesthetics. well i went away with it to make the jeans a 4-pocket style and it gives the jeans a more ’70s feel. then of course…added some length, lowered the rise and added an ankle zip. unfortunately they are completely sold out, so these will stay a dream forever and ever. until i give my black jeans a wash and just go at it with one of them. but a pair of vintage levi’s…nothing beats them even a 100% cotton super skinny pair. union has a pair overdyed int he link above


MOTHER Looker Ankle Zip Last Chance Saloon Styling 1

mother denimbilly la t shirtvans sneakersgents co. hathanes hoodie

these are the mother looker skinny in last chance saloon, but i redid them and removed the distressing and added an ankle zip. i do own these jeans and doctored them up myself by adding a few more tears and they are a really awesome pair. so if you are looking for a great grey pair of jeans, these are the ones to go for. they have a perfect wash for a mostly all grey look like this one here and brings in some subtlety to the checkered sneakers


MOTHER Looker Ankle Zip Last Chance Saloon

mother denim

next up are the mother in last chance saloon that i doctored up. the looker is one of my favorite fits from the label and i own a couple of style in the cut. but i decided to add my spin on my favorite wash. they are honestly one of the best greys in the market. if you have read my posts on denimblog, you will know that i am picky with my greys and make it apparent that unlike any other wash, it needs depth to it and these do

these were a distressed grey that i turned into a clean classic style. though the more i look at them, the more i kind of wish i kept the distressing as i added some more to my personal pair. but a clean pair of jeans with the ankle zippers isn’t too bad and offers a new range in styling ideas. maybe i’ll add some in a later post? but for now, these are perfect. linked above is a similar wash in their popular looker ankle fray


Citizens of Humanity Custom Corey Ankle Zip Distressed Black Styling 7

citizens of humanity jeansbilly la t shirtvans sneakersneff beaniegucci jacket

as you know i am a huge fan of billy la at the moment. so i had to do at least one look with one of their signature t shirts, but i am sure there will be a few more coming. they have the perfect drape to them that are perfect with these jeans as they help carry on that laid back venice beach skate vibe that i usually go for. it also allowed me to finally use this gucci jacket. just like billy la, it is such a good find