R13 High Rise Skinny Dirty Black Styling 10

r13 jeans//def leppard t shirt//vans sneakers//brixton hat//the idle man tank

and back are the rocker tees, r13 jeans and longline t shirt…ohh the vans. just a casual look for the everyday that has me thinking about becoming “tom ford blonde” to take up another level. especially after seeing his new spring/summer 2016 video

tom ford blonde: to the point of platinum blonde that it is white and not blonde, but not silver or grey

yes i randomly just came up with that, because it is specific and see the video below


Nudie Tight Long John Black Styling 1

nudie jeans//elwood t shirt//balenciaga boots//gents co. hat//herschel backpack

as you may have noticed, i have been gravitating towards men’s jeans lately. there is just a void of what i have been looking for in the women’s department, meaning actual denim that fades and with some stiffness. nudie has just that with their tight long john jeans. there is stretch to them, but they have that classic denim. plus the clean black wash works really well with these boots. i mean…balenciaga got my attention again in the shoe department


Acne Cords Green Styling 1

acne cords//elwood t shirt//yeezy 750 boost//forever21 beanie//stampd hoodie

acne does make this pair here which works great with the grey yeezys and the new favorite hoodie. this is pretty much how i dress on a regular by the way. i change only one piece most of the time. ohh the power of solids and non-graphics. though this hoodie does have a graphic in the back, but i’d still wear it everyday


Acne Cords Black Styling 1

acne cords//elwood t shirt//nike bootsforever21 beanie//stampd hoodie

so i have always been a fan of cords and still borderline upset that not many brands, other than saint laurent cause hedi always got my back, but out of budget. acne doesn’t have black cords right now, so these are just another ‘digital dream’ that was needed to bring this concept to life because i got these boots last week and they’d look really cool with these boots…well this look


A GOLD E Colette Faded Dark Knight Styling 7

a gold e jeans//elwood t shirt//yeezy 750 boost//forever21 beanie//stampd hoodie

kanye was spotted in these last week at the givenchy show. they could be a new release that he’s teasing everyone with or they could be just a personal pair that he’s teasing everyone with, like the all white 350s. though unlike the ones up everywhere on the internet, his had off white soles, which i think was a good aesthetic choice as looking at digital pair, the contrast of the black and white seems a bit stark. but thank you to the internet for allowing me to put this look together anyway, even if they won’t be the pair that he will be coming out with. works out for me in the end because i have been trying to work this neoprene hoodie into something


A GOLD E Colette Faded Dark Knight Styling 1

a gold e jeans//reigning champ t shirt//yeezy 750//huf hat//givenchy hoodie

of course it wouldn’t take long till you start seeing fill it up here with these jeans. this was actually the look as to why i made them in the first place. there was something about the r13s that just didn’t feel right with the look, even though it was pretty much the same pieces.but somehow with the fade on those just didn’t work with the black t shirt and neoprene combo this time around. and i guess it is time to switch things up for a bit