YEEZY Season 5 (12)

’tis the season to be yeezy. for season 5, kanye west continued on his progression away from athleisure while still having that sense of the trend. he is working with a label that is heavily dabbled in sports after all. but as it was speculated, not only was there the edition of a new line for kids, but this one also felt new. the incorporation of denim, leather and vinyl felt natural…in a kanye sense of course

though nothing can beat the outerwear. if there is one thing that kanye does knockout of the park each season, it is outerwear. for the colder weather ones especially is the strong point of the yeesy line each year. though those vinyl pants and hoodies are pretty killer pieces as well


Paige Verdugo Suede Styling 1


leather on leather was earlier this week and now it is time for suede on suede

this is something that i have worn before. i absolutely love the pairing suede pants with suede boots. it is something that seems like it should not be paired together, but they do. but unlike leather, i do believe that they should be two different colors of suede to work out like here

also the weather has been unpredictable lately here in la, which is why the addition of the parka was added. yves salomon makes some sick ass ones that are perfect for the nights right now. plus i have been living in my parka. so why not do a look based off of something that i have actually worn?


Paige Verdugo Leather Styling 1

shirtpantsring onering tworing threebootsbracelet onebracelet two

i’m going to update this more frequently, but life got in the way

as you can see, some leather is back. lately i have been obsessed with leather pants and it maybe due to the fact that none of mine have gotten too big on me. these paige ones are definitely on top of my list because the verdugos would have to be ones that are on top of my list of cuts that suit me and a leather one just makes it even more special

back to the theme of the title…valentine’s day is coming up, so this is something that could fall into looks to go for. it’s clean and simple with some edge added fromt he piles of jewelry and boots. or if you are like me, just another everyday look when you get bored of the t shirt and leather pants



from season to season, represent has grown to become a brand that is more than just carrying elevated basics, but truly having a great sense of self identity. This is a progression that i can only see happening as the line moves forward


with their new black friday collection, they continue to add more original pieces to the collection, yet still keeping true to their style aesthetic of high-end timeless staples. these are pieces that you will pull out from the closet as much as you can from years to come


one strong point by represent is always their outerwear. there has never been a season that has gone without strong outerwear. from the innovative use of neoprene to the luxe suede now and aoraks galore in between, outerwear is definitely their strong point. it is always cool and fresh with their touch. get the line starting friday by clicking here



black | brown

suede suede suede ohh how i love you so much. i swear they are my new obsession. i mean the love is heavier than even for leather pants. they possess this luxe sensibility to them, yet they still hold a casualness that makes them easy to wear day in and day out. think of them as your elevated cords or black jeans

i also could not be more excited to see that one of my favorite labels, paige came out with them. their verdugo cut has to be one of the bests out there as it is slimming and elongates the legs. and not only did they come out with black (which i need immediately), but a brown (which i also need immediately).

i can already see myself pairing both pairs with some creepers and an abundance of shirts. or just throwing them on with a hoodie and some running shoes. with a slight crop…man these are a dream…


Stampd Harbor Sweater

stampd harbor sweater

a fisherman sweater is something that’s so classic that it is hard to do an update without it losing it’s appeal. stampd on the other hand

were able to just take what was and turn it into a piece that can be coveted with their harbor sweater

the style keeps true to the classic appeal of the style. that sense of comfort, ease and smarts. but the label has given their signature spin of the belted details on the sleeves making it into a piece that is edgy without taking away from what it’s about

how many of you are down with this sweater?


MOTHER Custom Fly Cut Stunner Styling 1

mother jeanspalm angels hoodievans sneakersneff beanienorse projects socks

even though this is pretty much a daily look on here, it is officially sweater season. so now it feels appropriate, especially with woolly socks involved

for the look, i guess you can say that i went pretty standard with the pieces chosen. this hoodie by palm angels went on top of the wishlist after seeing it. it is just so sick and the slight merch feel to it makes it work well with the grunge aspect of the jeans. then to finish off the look, i went for the usual pieces of vans and the beanie. not to mention the socks because cropped jeans are just an excuse to show off socks this season

ps – mother does make a black stunner. you just would have to cut the fly yourself if you are up to it


Mother Stunner Fly Cut Undone Hem Embroidered

mother fly cut stunner

for the fall season, mother released a style called the fly cut stunner and i am all for them. you all know my obsession with the pixies and these are just a natural grunge progressional love of the exposed button-fly detailing. of course, as the style is very forward for many, the style is very limited to a couple of washes and provided me with the opportunity to do another digital dreaming post

as black denim is an obsession that probably won’t ever die, i of course did them in black and added some signature embroidery. also undid the hem on them cause a frayed hem is something i probably won’t be getting over anytime soon

there was the thought of going a bit heavier with the distressing like a ripped knee, but as of right now, i think keeping them without tears is a good idea. hopefully the dream of these will come into fruition in the next couple of seasons and that they will release a black pair of the style cause i will wear the hell out of them

as of right now, enjoy the style in their moon dark wash


R13 Alison Stratford Studded and Distressed Styling 1

r13 jeansbravado t shirtnike sneakershuf hatloren stewart

time to use the studded jeans in some looks. kept it simple with the everyday look with the tupac shirt that ripped up and after using it again, it makes me want to “digitally” rip up another to pair along with these. leading towards a zeppelin one. also another choice pairing, is with some running shoes. ohh how i love the look of a raw hem with running shoes ohh so much. then to finish it off, pieces that have me holding onto summer for that little bit longer, a pink cap and some dog tags. technically dog tags aren’t really a summer thing, but jewelry for me tends to be


R13 Alison Stratford

r13 alison stratford

the alison in stratford by r13 has to be one of my new favorite styles by the label, if not in the market in general. they seriously do no wrong, but being me, i had to give my touch to the style and this is what i came up with

when i first saw the style, i knew that if i got my hands on them, i would rip open the right knee. so distressing is where i started naturally. then i added the thigh tear cause i can be a bit excessive, but it worked out in the end, in my opinion. then i added the embroidered “pu$$y bitxh” above the front pocket due to my obsession with embroidery and wanted to keep it different from what everyone else is doing with the trend. so i leaned towards foul words

then to finish them off, i added a new detail for me, studs. i’ve been wanting to dabble in some studs and have recently been obsessing over them. so i said “why not?” and decided to add them here. plus it make different from the other distressed styles that i have been doing

the day i get my hands on these, this will definitely become reality. but it’s nice to stare and where my solid black alisons that i finally got my hands on