Look 59

Citizens of Humanity Rocket Porter Styling 1 1024x756 Look 59

citizens of humanity jeans//r13 t shirtflannel//saint laurent sneakers//acne scarf

full on distressed look here. i just love looking like a bum, apparently not at bum prices though. it’s the southern california in me. spoiled by the weather to allow us to just wear a ton of ripped clothes then throw on a scarf and consider it winter wear…(sitting here in a parka as i write this with the windows down just so i can). seriously what i do to put my outerwear to use

Look 58

R13 High Rise Skinny Dirty Black Styling 2 1024x743 Look 58

r13 jeans//scotch soda fur//margiela boots//raen glasses//r13 hoodie

it’s fur weather and I am the first to admit that i am borderline “olsen level” when it comes to fur, i.e. peta’s nightmare. this one is faux, so the fear of being antiqued is out of the picture. it takes the the normal hoodie and jeans to something more and i just love when it is layered over a hoodie. well i like most things layered over a hoodie. a hoodie fein!

Look 57

R13 High Rise Dirty Black Styling 4 1024x677 Look 57

r13 jeans//blk dnm shirt//vans sneakers//new era hat//elizabeth and james backpack

ohh look some color! not really it is navy suede that is borderline black that is probably the sickest thing that i have seen by vans. another sick piece would have to be this backpack. i have been waiting for it to come out for the longest. i love the mix of the smooth and embossed leather. it makes the everyday look feel so cool

Look 56

R13 High Rise Dirty Black Styling 3 1024x713 Look 56

r13 jeans//iro shirt//vans sneakers//raen glasses//yarnz scarf

for someone that is as blind as a bat, i don’t feature glasses that much (other than sunglasses). one of my favorite brands when it comes to glasses is raen because of their california vibe. they are simple and have a bit of quirk, but are just great quality without being an outlandish price. another thing that i absolutely love is a blanket print. i mean blanket print anything and i am a fan of it. this shirt by iro is the perfect piece to pair with the jeans that i can’t get enough of at the moment

Look 50

R13 High Rise Skinny Dirty Black Styling 3 1024x743 Look 50

r13 jeans//cwst shirt//adidas sneakers//civil hat//acne jacket

i am obsessed with these jeans. the wash, the fit, everything about it. r13 has worn black washes down packed and i just cannot get tired of them. they work perfect with the everyday black t shirt and this awesome matte black leather jacket by acne. the dream of acne leather jackets…well a leather moto jacket in general. surprisingly don’t have one and should add it soon