R13 High Rise Skinny Dirty Black Fray Styling 19

r13 jeans//r13 t shirt//adidas sneakers//brixton hat//equipment shirt

harry style sis known for his printed shirts, black jeans, and wide brimmed hat. though i am a fan of all those and wear it myself, it is just not me to completely wear a look remotely similar to what he does. so got his key pieces in takes that were more me (the everyday pieces) with the intention of throwing it all together in the morning and tying something other than the usual plaid around the waist


R13 Skinny Worn Black Styling 2

r13 jeans//r13 t shirt//nike sneakers//stussy hat//r13 shirt

i love going through my closet and finding pieces that i put away when i was organizing my closet…especially jeans and these jeans in particular. they are one of the best faded black/grey jeans that i own or just in general. finding them again is like getting a new pair of jeans cause r13 jeans always go back to their original state even after 2 years. that is why they are featured so much on here. they are worth it…trust me.


Paige Verdugo Black Shadow Destructed Fray Styling 2

paige jeans//r13 t shirt//nike sneakers//parra hat//r13 jacket

time to chop off the hem of another pair of jeans, this time my favorite paige jeans. i think it was time to switch up the everyday jeans for the time being and why not go full on distressed with these. the tears are at the right spot and adding the raw hem, it makes them perfect with a pair of crisp white kicks and probably my new favorite hat from parra (who makes some fun art pieces if you haven’t checked it out yet)

The Magpie

R13 High Rise Skinny Dirty Black Fray Styling 12

r13 jeans//r13 t shirt//nike boots//brixton hat//saint laurent jacket

this is a look with pieces that really shouldn’t go together, but somehow works in my head. also i am obsessed with the look of these jeans. i need to get a new pair and chop the bottom of them soon cause i really cannot part with the idea of doing it with the pair i already have now. it’s good to have choices of a raw hem and a clean one