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you all know that i have been into cropped styles with a frayed hem at the moment or just frayed hems in general. so i decided to give the levi’s a break and take on one of my favorite labels, current/elliott. now they do have similar washes as these in the stiletto cut, but they don’t feature the undone hem like here, which is what i added. i am also going to give these the graffiti treatment once i figure out what to add, but as of right know the classic black and dirty white are just up my alley


J Brand Houlihan Caledon Styling 1

j brand houlihan cargo pantsjames perse t shirtvans sneakersastrid andersen robemargeila cuff

a break from the frayed life for this moment with a pair that had a following like no other, the j brand houlihans. these pants always intrigued me because they just felt so new when they first came out and they still do have that impact because the design is still perfect with them. never got the chance to try them, but i have been intrigued by cargos again and couldn’t be happier that j brand brought these back for my skinny legs to potentially try again.

so for this look here, i wanted to keep in theme with casualness of the blog and paired the houlihans with a simple white t shirt and some vans. but i wanted to bring in my straight out of bed approach and paired it with this astrid andersen robe. robes are my thing at the moment also. they just transform any look and add just a tinge of softness and a devil may care attitude. plus anyone can wear it, guy or girl. it also adds a nice contrast to the hardness of the pants

how many of you are excited that j brand brought back the houlihan cargos?


Levi's Fray Skinny Black Styling 10

custom levi’ssaint laurent polounderground creepersmargeila cuffneighborhood socks

now polo shirts aren’t my usual thing. there is a specific to them that i see need a certain shape and build to pull them off and keep it looking clean…i.e looking like justin theroux or being a saint laurent model. it’s a temperamental piece in my opinion and cannot be worn slouchy. but even so i still find the piece intriguing as it can can veer towards punk very easily

which leads me to my personal approach to personal style blogging. going for this idea lends me to not only be able to work with pieces out of my price range or currently don’t possess, it also allows you readers to be creative with your imagination and envision yourself in the looks without the influence of my personal body shape. there is also the thought of me being camera shy and being a control freak. maybe i’ll start taking photos of myself in the future, who knows? but men’s fashion blogs have become a sea of redundancy with every guy trying to look just as dapper from the next or another kanye wannabe. my choices may not be for everyone, but i am giving the allowance for you guys to be a bit more personal, even when it comes to the custom jeeans. get the hands dirty and see if you can make them yourself. and yes i have gotten emails complaining about why i don’t show my face more. there’s instagram for that at the moment…of mostly half face


Levi's Fray Skinny Black Styling 4

custom levi’sjames perse t shirtadidas sneakerspeyote bird cuffhuf socks

the cropped game idea is still high here. of course when a style comes into fruition with black, i also have to do it in black and this is the brainchild of that. i didn’t want to go with the vans with this look and i have always loved campuses because, mostly their suede, but they are a cleaner take on the shell toes. the idea is similar to the previous with the peeps of the socks being visible and a tribal bracelet to take it from looking the average plain.the more i look at this outfit, the more i am actually contemplating on putting the campuses with more looks. hmm…ohh my addiction to frayed hems and sporty shoes


Levi's Skinny Fray White Graffiti Styling 3

custom levi’sjames perse t shirtvans sneakersyuketen bracelethuf socks

this look came about by the vision of seeing these jeans slightly cropped to show a bit of the socks. cropped jeans have also been an idea that i have always contemplated, but for me personally a frayed hem works better in this case as white leans towards preppy more than often for me. this dinges it up a bit and to me makes it more appropriate for what i go for


Levi's Skinny Fray White Graffiti Styling 2

custom levi’solebar shirtvans sneakersnorse projects capcartier bracelet

i have been meaning to do a look with a white button front and white jeans for quite some time. like the idea of pairing the black pair with creepers, it just needed the right pair of jeans to style them with and the frayed hem solved that. i wanted a look that was still easy, yet a bit more luxe and the cartier took up the feel up that slight notch that i was looking for