Nudie Tight Long John Blue Styling 3

nudie jeans//james perse t shirt//yeezy 950//gents co. hat//john + elliott co. hoodie

so obviously a couple of obsessions here. all blue is seriously the new black for me and it with a pair of jeans with tonal stitching, even better. then there are these yeezys. the darker tones are definitely the best way to go as they make them feel more versatile, rugged and dare i say, less preppy. i get a preppy sense from the clinically stark of those colorways. but i have these and the black to work with. so i am happy even though i don’t possess them physically


Nudie Tight Long John Blue Styling 2

nudie jeans//james perse t shirt//yeezy 950//gents co. hat//saint laurent jacket

ohh look all blue…mostly and guy jeans. these are probably my favorite cut of jeans when it comes to the men’s department. then again, they are a unisex cut, so not sure if that actually counts. but this wash is insane and perfect shade of blue to go along with these yeezys. ugh..need to get a couple of black pairs soon


Paige Verdugo Joannie Destructed Styling 1

paige denim//stampd t shirt//yeezy 950//gents co hat//saint laurent jacket

like i said yesterday, the pairing of the 950s with a pair of jeans is here. these, i find, work better with jeans than the khaki pair. this look here makes me want to get these boots just because i already own these jeans and live in them. seriously just a good pair if you need a new pair, cause we all always need a new pair of black jeans and if you have these boots…even better


AG Jeans The Leggings Super Black Leather Styling 2

ag leather pants//john + elliott co t shirt//loake boots//gents co hat//john + elliott co hoodie

haaaaaaaaaaaa!!! is all i can say when i saw that these were finally released after hearing about them a while back, but i’m just happy that it finally is released cause they pretty much made perfection. and by perfection, easily styled for day to day wear like here with chelsea boots and a hoodie. you go ag! you go! that’s why they are one of my favorite denim brands


AG Jeans The Leggings Super Black Suede Styling 1

ag suede pants//stampd t shirt//adidas sneakers//gents co. hat//tim coppens jacket

putting this look together is such a dream as i have just been waiting for a pair of suede jeans…as you know. aspirations are obviously high since this is a dream. but anyway, the only thing that could make these pants even better is if they added a chunky ankle zipper at the inseam. i need these in my closet and the pair in the next post cause i have been waiting for the next ones since i first heard about them years ago