The True Depiction

A GOLD E Colette Dark Knight Frayed Styling 1

a gold e jeans//the idle man t shirt//adidas sneakers//forever21 beanie//givenchy necklace

here is a clearer look at how my personal a gold e jeans are. as i mentioned before, i chopped the hem off of mine. so to bring that look forward and incorporated into the looks on here, i reworked them to depict a frayed hem. i just love the look of a stringy frayed hem with running shoes, especially these the ultra boosts. it just takes it somewhere different. ohh and i am on a color t shirt spree, but black will back soon

A High Eclipse

A GOLD E Sophie Eclispe Styling 1

a gold e jeans//elwood t shirt//loake boots//goorin bros hat//givenchy necklace

i have been looking for a red t shirt for the longest and i think i found it! now to wait for them to come out with navy. anyway being red, it can hold up against a more intense wash like these jeans. just what i needed, another pair to add to the racks on racks of jeans i have right now. but i have an idea to get some use out of these…cause i can definitely see them with a raw hem when paired with these boots


A GOLD E Colette Dark Knight Styling 9

a gold e jeans//simon miller shirt//adidas sneakers//brixton hat//the idle man tank

plaid, longline shirts, jeans and running shoes is all i have been wearing the past couple months. comfort at it’s best. but i have to say that i have these jeans and hacked off the hem. ohh how i love a perfectly, imperfect style and the look of the loose threads falling over the shoes. but it was only natural that doing that made me want another pair and that’ll happen soon


A GOLD E Colette Dark Knight Styling 7

a gold e jeans//theory shirt//loake boots//goorin bros hat//r13 jacket

cleaning things up a bit…for the time being at least, but in the same vein as my personal style. these jeans are my favorite at the moment, just got a pair and i am living in them. it’s just such an awesome fit on me…so you will be seeing them quite a bit with chelsea boots, like here, or with the nike fields that i am still obsessed with. seriously such a good fit that i am contemplating on getting another pair. so get yourself some


A GOLD E Chloe Berkley Styling 1

a gold e jeans//led zeppelin t shirt//fendi sneakers//goorin bros hat//the idle man tank

going back to the basics here with some slip-ons. it’s been awhile since they have made an appearance cause of my love for those nike boots and running shoes, but they are back and i couldn’t picture these jeans with any other pair of sneakers. hoping for a gold e to come out with these again in their colette with a hack hemmed. here is to dreaming and waiting for that to happen


Paige Verdugo Black Shadow Destructed Styling 4

paige jeans//grateful dead t shirt//nike sneakers//brixton hat//the idle man tank

after going through my closet this weekend, i realized that i need more graphic tees and white t shirts. but i am only down with graphic white t shirts though because i oddly get uncomfortable in a plain white. if i do go for a graphic, it’s usually a vintage inspired band tee because they truly are such a timeless piece that you can wear everyday and always look cool in, like this ‘dead’ one. it’s perfect with these ripped paige jeans and layered over a longline tank. something that you are more than likely to see me in the next few months

Chapter Spring/Summer 2016


as you all know, i enjoy the chapter lookbooks probably the most out of all that i see because of the care and level they take it compared to the others. but the amazing photography doesn’t take away from the clothing itself. it enhances them and makes them more enjoyable than just clothing that i want to add to my closet. it will never be a tiring feeling to see a new a collection from them. check it out below