Look 44

R13 Skinny Shredded White Styling 1 1024x841 Look 44

r13 jeansshirt//surface to air boots//tsovet watch

i go through phases when i obsess over white jeans, but of course being me they can’t be the ordinary crisp white pair. just not me. i am full on my clothes needs to have some sort of grunge aspect to them. hence why i chose a pair of distressed whites from my favorite brand ever, r13. to clean it up a crisp white button up from that is also from the brand and some grey suede boots. also a watch never hurts

One of a Kind

Fuck Forever 1 One of a Kind

i love a leather jacket. besides the classic black moto style that has infiltrated pretty much everyone’s closet (surprisingly not mine) that still amazes me, an awesome decked out one can make my jaw drop. i discovered christian benner over the weekend and i could not have been more elated with his pieces. they make me think of balmain spring 2011 and the basquiat sweaters at christie‚Äôs being that they are all custom, so each one is unique even when you choose a style to buy. just look at them all these hand detailed pieces. i just can’t stop staring. check out more of his pieces on his site. there are also some t shirts

Look 43

R13 Kate Skinny Dirty Black Styling 1 1024x780 Look 43

r13 jeans//diesel sweater//vans sneakers//eugenia kim beanie//mother denim flannel – similar

what nicola formichetti has been doing at diesel the past few seasons is pretty amazing. i can’t keep my eyes off of the pieces with the wolf graphics. i mean that sweater above is just sick. so i went with pairing it with my favorite pieces, like a pair of r13 jeans. i don’t know how they come out with so many faded black washes that i just want to own. each feels different and needs to be in my closet. then there are the vans, which i shocked myself when finding out that i actually want an all white sneaker. then to finish it my favorite flannel of the fall season and a beanie similar to what i have been wearing the past week. don’t know how i can think about layers in this heat, but when it’s all pieces this perfect, i can’t help it

Deck on Deck on Deck

47aaa199d4467b11f8ede0b5cb6bba77 Deck on Deck on Deck

i always love when some of my favorite brands do a collaboration that has the end product being something that is skate related. as i grew up in that culture, it is something that gets me excited. citizens of humanity is one that recently collaborated with danny way on some limited edition decks that are simple and just cool. get them here on their site

The Perfect Mother

i have an obsession with plaid and i am very particular of the plaid. i have seen some not so flattering ones and i know it is subjective, but i can’t help but get mad about how it was approved for production. ones that i could not be more elated about is the new frenchie shirt by mother denim. when i saw them in person my eyes lit up because not only are they an awesome classic shadow plaid print, but it is actual flannel and gives off saint laurent vibes. i am not kidding when i say i am serious about my plaid. i. am. serious

Look 41

Paige Edgemont White Styling 1 1024x735 Look 41

paige denim//r13 t shirt//vans sneakers//grevi beanie//michael kors cardigan

the edgemonts by paige denim has been one of my favorite pairs that she has released and since they first came out, she has released them in some awesome washes. the white has to be my favorite one for the summer. the zippers take the classic white jean away from the smart slightly preppy ways that the style usually has. then pairing them with a ripped white t shirt, beanie and some grunge basics (skate sneakers and heavy knit cardigan), the style is taken to a place that is all me

Look 40

R13 Boyfriend Jeans Selvedge Blue Shredded Styling 1 1024x748 Look 40

r13 jeans//celine shirt//vans sneakers//daniel wellington watch//the row backpack

when i think of distressed blues by r13, celine comes to mind. well a few of their jeans have me thinking of celine. opposites really attract in this case. r13 is distressed and gritty, while celine is streamline and completely clean. i am not not complaining about how my mind works with this pairing here cause they are some of my favorite brands. also the new backpack by the row and these crisp white vans are pretty awesome

Look 39

Citizens of Humanity Emerson Shoreditch Styling 1 1024x754 Look 39

citizens of humanity jeans//r13 sweater//vans sneakers//alexander wang sunglasses//rag & bone tank

the new citizens of humanity collection has my jaw dropped. i am constantly being amazed by each pair of jeans that they have been coming out with, especially their premium vintage collection. i am all for anything that has a classic denim aesthetic as nothing beats a classic and these are just that. this pair here fits right in with with what i have been searching for in jeans. the patchwork is done so well, that wash is perfect and it is denim…DENIM. my wish is coming true for the return of denim

Look 38

Current Elliott The Prospect Leather Pants Styling 1 1024x764 Look 38

current/elliott leather pants//river island shirt//adidas sneakers//entree ls hat//r13 hoodie

the return of leather pants! they have obviously taken a backseat to my love of grey denim right now. current/elliott makes some of my favorite leathers. their new prospect cute is really cool. it has moto stitching and hidden ankle zippers that updates their classic style that they release each season. what also makes them one of my favorites is the leather they use. it’s not a washed out skin, but actually smooth and supple