Look 47

R13 High Rise Skinny Dirty Black Styling 3 1024x678 Look 47

r13 jeans//zanerobe t shirt//vans sneakers//ray-ban sunglasses//rodarte jacket

rodarte just killed it this season. i still can’t get over the jackets that they sent down, the perfect mix of the nautical/mermaid theme and utilitarian. so when i saw them hit the moda operandi site, i instantly put this look together. warning: there’s seven of them…so you will be seeing more and probably all with these jeans that i am still obsessed with

The Rose in R13

Heidi Klum R13 Moto Jeans Black Marble 3 The Rose in R13

this is one of those rare occasions when i write about a celebrity in some clothes. the reasoning behind this is that heidi klum just looks so good in one of my favorite pair of jeans. as the many styling posts on here show…i am obsessed with the r13 moto jeans and add their black marble wash to the mix, it is a dream combination. they are one that is versatile and detailed without feeling like a lot. plus the way she styled them is straight up what i have been doing, so i may be a little bias…just kidding. anyway get the jeans here

A New Rep

coach ad campaign fall 2014 lexi boling binx walton vanessa moody harleth kuusik gracie van gastel issa lish david alexander flinn by steven meisel 5 1024x655 A New Rep

coach has had a bad rap about not being that great of a brand, but i never had a problem with it. monogram logos is another story. since stuart vevers took the hands at designing, a new breath was given. it feels cool, it feels young and current yet still classic. one of my favorite pieces that hit the market this season by anyone, is this coat. it’s saved on my phone and a constant google search for me because it is everything that i look for in a winter coat that i cannot wear here in la. heavy, suede, shearling lined, oversized and plain sick. i just want to throw it over my daily wear of r13 jeans and a black t shirt and supergas. check out some of the new stuff by coach on their site

Taking It up A Notch

04 zoom Taking It up A Notch

so the high rise jean is something that slowly creeped on to my liking and seeing a pair by r13 in their sick ass washes, it could not be more of a dream. seriously, their faded black is everything. as you all know, i am picky when it comes to my jeans and a high rise cut even more. many have taken the style and raised their pocket which has given them a not flattering look. r13 on the other hand has resized their pocket so that they still look just as good as their low rise styles in the back. this is why i love this brand so much. the thought behind their clothes is something that is rare in the denim market. get them here from lagarconne

Look 45

NLST Harem Sweatpants Styling 1 1024x655 Look 45

nlst sweatpants//r13 t shirt//golden goose sneakers//rick owens beanie//mother denim flannel – similar

we all have those days when we just want to bum it, even when you live casually like me. sweatpants are usually a go-to for that. nlst has taken the classic lounge piece and made them cooler in a harem cut that is cropped, so they look awesome with some high-tops. i am also that type of person that if you bum it out, go all the way. so my new favorite flannel, a ripped t shirt and beanies to finish it all off

Look 44

R13 Skinny Shredded White Styling 1 1024x841 Look 44

r13 jeansshirt//surface to air boots//tsovet watch

i go through phases when i obsess over white jeans, but of course being me they can’t be the ordinary crisp white pair. just not me. i am full on my clothes needs to have some sort of grunge aspect to them. hence why i chose a pair of distressed whites from my favorite brand ever, r13. to clean it up a crisp white button up from that is also from the brand and some grey suede boots. also a watch never hurts

One of a Kind

Fuck Forever 1 One of a Kind

i love a leather jacket. besides the classic black moto style that has infiltrated pretty much everyone’s closet (surprisingly not mine) that still amazes me, an awesome decked out one can make my jaw drop. i discovered christian benner over the weekend and i could not have been more elated with his pieces. they make me think of balmain spring 2011 and the basquiat sweaters at christie‚Äôs being that they are all custom, so each one is unique even when you choose a style to buy. just look at them all these hand detailed pieces. i just can’t stop staring. check out more of his pieces on his site. there are also some t shirts

Look 43

R13 Kate Skinny Dirty Black Styling 1 1024x780 Look 43

r13 jeans//diesel sweater//vans sneakers//eugenia kim beanie//mother denim flannel – similar

what nicola formichetti has been doing at diesel the past few seasons is pretty amazing. i can’t keep my eyes off of the pieces with the wolf graphics. i mean that sweater above is just sick. so i went with pairing it with my favorite pieces, like a pair of r13 jeans. i don’t know how they come out with so many faded black washes that i just want to own. each feels different and needs to be in my closet. then there are the vans, which i shocked myself when finding out that i actually want an all white sneaker. then to finish it my favorite flannel of the fall season and a beanie similar to what i have been wearing the past week. don’t know how i can think about layers in this heat, but when it’s all pieces this perfect, i can’t help it

Deck on Deck on Deck

47aaa199d4467b11f8ede0b5cb6bba77 Deck on Deck on Deck

i always love when some of my favorite brands do a collaboration that has the end product being something that is skate related. as i grew up in that culture, it is something that gets me excited. citizens of humanity is one that recently collaborated with danny way on some limited edition decks that are simple and just cool. get them here on their site